Lent and Easter

How are you going to travel through Lent?

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From Ash Wednesday (17 February) to Easter Sunday (4 April), there are six reflections for each week, written by Stephen Hance, the Church of England’s National Lead for Evangelism and Witness. Each reflection includes a short passage from the Bible, a brief exploration of the reading, and a prayer. Additionally, each week has a unifying theme and an action to be taken during the week.

Booklets: A limited quantity of daily reflections booklets is available from the Church Office at no cost, however if you would like to and are able to, a donation would be greatly appreciated, to help support church funds during this challenging time. The books cost £1.50 each.

Phones & Online: The reflections will also be available as a free app (launching in early February), emails, audio and through the Church of England’s social media accounts. The app version will include a daily Family Activity, offering a simple way to explore a story or a theme from the day’s reflection.

Both the book and the accompanying daily reflections encourage all Christians to think about their calling, how to share their faith and reflect on the difference Christ makes in our lives.

We witness to God’s story and the impact this has made to our story so that others might also find their story taking on new meaning in the light of God’s love. While the current restrictions on daily life necessitated by the pandemic present significant challenges, the suffering and isolation many continue to face make the need for us to share God’s love with our communities greater than ever. Rather than just being a Lenten discipline, this year’s #LiveLent is a joyful invitation to make witness a normal part of the Christian life, the natural overflow of a life lived in devotion to Christ.

Living His Story Revealing the extraordinary love of God in ordinary ways: The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2021 By Hannah Steele published by SPCK.

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