A Detailed History

Page 4—The Memorials

St Matthew’s was built in the mid C19th so does not have a churchyard/burial ground nor are there any burials within the church. However there are a number of plaque memorials that have been erected over the years on the inside walls of the church. Since the re-ordering some of these have been re-sited.

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John Bryant Clifford
Memorial to J. B. Clifford, first vicar.
Emily Clifford
Memorial to Emily, his wife.
William Butler Doherty
Memorial to W. B. Doherty, second vicar.
Frederick Glanvill
Memorial to F. Glanvill, third vicar.
James Meek Down
Memorial to J. M. Down, a young parishioner.
Gay family
Memorial to the Gay family, buried at Holy Trinity, St Philips.
Hill family
Memorial to Catherine and Albert Hill.
War memorial
The first world war memorial.
Lieut. A. W. Brian Danne
Memorial to Lieut. Danne, killed in action 30 Mar 1918.

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