A lot of the downloadable materials are in PDF format for which you will need a reader. Most devices have one built in.

Electoral Roll

The form required to apply for membership of the Electoral Roll can be downloaded and printed. Please read it carefully and sign it before returning it to the church office. The revision of the roll closes two weeks before the Parochial Church Meeting each year.

MyChurchSuite (was MyChurchApp)

We contract with to store an online database on our behalf which is used to send appropriate information such as bulletins and announcements at the user’s request. This is roughly equivalent to the printed Church Address Book that you will be familiar with. If you would like to maintain your own records then please contact the office for an invitation.

Once you are registered you can go to MyChurchSuite to login. (unfortunately the password is not synchronised with the password for this site)


If you wish to be put on the circulation for the e-bulletin weekly newsletter, contact the Office.

Data Consent

Your privacy is important to us, and we want to communicate with church members in a way which has their consent, and which is in line with UK law on data protection. We are required to hold certain information such as name and address for Electoral Roll members but we need your consent to how we contact you for other purposes. If you use MyChurchSuite then you can do it through that mechanism but if not we need to know by other means. There is a form below that you can use to express your wishes. If you have contact with us then you may have already received one of these. See our Privacy Policy for further details.

Data Consent Form

Children at Communion—
“In God’s House” Worksheets

These worksheets are for use with the “In God’s House” pack available from the church office. The pack is designed as a resource to enable families, with infant and junior age children, to explore and deepen their relationship with God. It is being used at St Matthew’s to prepare baptised children who wish to receive communion prior to confirmation. The St Matthew’s Children and Communion policy is also available here. If you would like more information regarding this pack or our Children and Communion policy then please contact the Church Office.

  1. All about me
  2. I belong
  3. Living stones
  4. Celebration
  5. Our Family
  6. Worksheet
  7. Food of belonging
  8. Do this in remembrance of Me

The Children and Communion policy document.

Notification of intention to prepare a Baptised child

Listen Again

Some services are recorded to CD and copies can be ordered at just £1. A back catalogue is available. Please see the sound engineer on duty for more details.

The sermon (only) from the 10:30am service is available as a podcast for download or listening on this site.

The 9am service is not recorded.

Parish Boundary

Parish Boundary MapThis map (click for a larger image) shows the approximate boundaries of the Parish of St Matthew and St Nathanæl, Bristol.

Technology for Worship Leaders and Preachers

This is a guide to allow worship leaders, preachers and celebrants to effectively use the technology available and not be caught out by something unexpected at the last minute. It is particularly aimed at visiting and occasional users.
Technology for Worship Leaders and Preachers


We are registered with The Charities Commission number 1134719.

If you have questions or need further information do speak to the Wardens, PCC member or the Vicar.