Our Mission

We are a church that seeks to honour God through Word, Spirit and Sacrament.

  • We want to delight in God’s Word.
  • We want to be open to the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
  • We want to know the grace of Christ as we gather around his table.

Marks of Mission

We are not perfect at joining in with God’s mission, but here are some of the ways we are engaging with him in his work:

  1. Proclaiming the Gospel:
    We hope that this comes through in all our services. We are engaging with teaching from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity in Whole Life Discipleship in seeking ways where we can impact the every-day environments in which we find ourselves.
  2. Nurturing new Christians:
    We hope people find us a very welcoming place. We like to try and care for and include new people in what we are doing. This also happens in our small groups, but we like to provide lots of chances for people to get to know each other via our social events.
  3. Performing acts of Loving Service:
    This is an important way we engage with people. We currently run King’s Kids to reach out to local families and in partnership with St. Paul’s Children Centre we run Stay & Play group that seeks to support families, particularly from Dove street flats. A group supports older people with companionship in Knightstone house and others seek to reach a different group of older people with our fortnightly Tea & Chat. We have also been heavily involved in supporting Changing Tunes and various other mission partners across the world.
  4. Challenging Injustice:
    We are working on this with different groups supporting people in difficult situations. We also have a few members involved in the local political scene.
  5. Sustaining Creation:
    We have supported Colin and Roni Jackson with their work at A Rocha in Kenya and they have helped us to reflect on what we can do more locally to have sustain God’s wonderful Creation.

The prayer for St Matthews:

Heavenly Father,
pour out your Holy Spirit upon St. Matthew’s.
Grant us a new vision of your Glory,
a new experience of your power,
a new faithfulness to your Word,
a new consecration to your service so that,
through our renewed witness
your Holy Name may be glorified
and your Kingdom advanced,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Values

Putting God first at the heart of all we do.

Matthew 22:36-38Open Link in New Window

Loving each other and ourselves.

Matthew 22:39-40Open Link in New Window

Being a place of transformation, forgiveness and healing where all are cherished, valued and not judged by the values of the world.

John 8:6-7Open Link in New Window

Being the body of Christ where every member plays a part, is equally valued and uniquely gifted to serve God and others.

Ephesians 4:11-16Open Link in New Window & 1 Corinthians 12Open Link in New Window

Being called by Jesus to make disciples of all people as we go about our daily lives.

Matthew 28Open Link in New Window

Working with God to proclaim the kingdom of God and ‘make it happen’

Luke 4:18-19Open Link in New Window