Calm the Storm

Today’s reading is Mark 4:35-41Open Link in New Window

Here is today’s reflection by Gaby.

In Dad’s army Lance Corporal Jones’ catchphrase was “Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring”.

We could use the same phrase to describe Jesus’ response to the disciples at the calming of the storm. He says, “Why are you so afraid do you have no faith?”

Now the disciples are in a pretty extreme situation, I’ve been on a ferry in a force 9 gale and that was scary enough… But they are in a little boat and these hardened fishermen think they are going to drown.

But Jesus speaks to the storm and says
Peace be still…

We have been walking through a storm of a time over the past few years, we had Brexit then COVID and underneath all of this is the impending threat of climate disaster sitting at our door. But do you know I think that Jesus is not asleep like we think he might be, I think he is saying “Peace be still” to the world around us.

I think everyone here is mature enough to realise that we are not the sole answer to the problems the world has. We can’t fix Brexit or COVID or climate change alone.

Jesus speaks to us personally when he says “Why are you so afraid?”

I ask you this question today “Why are you so afraid? Why are we so afraid?“

Do we still not have faith in God?

But the disciples, they didn’t feel comforted, they were terrified still because of what they had seen… I guess we often think that if we had been there with Jesus and seen him in the flesh we would be more believing but they aren’t more believing because of what they have seen, they are scared witless.

Why are they so afraid? Because they have seen a storm calmed in a second by a human… it didn’t just roll away it disappeared altogether.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if that happened to us with all our problems…? but maybe it can… maybe we could be praying for solutions rather than trying in our own way to sort it out and worrying about it all the time.

Today I pray that you won’t panic like Lance Corporal Jones in the face of your problems but will pray for Jesus to bring peace and stillness and solutions to your problems and storms. Jesus is here. We don’t need to be afraid.

There will be a video version of the service.

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