Midweek Thought

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

A message from Revd Ian Tomkins

A response to the tragedy of the refugee and the displaced

Appeal for Afghanistan

As we see the tragedy of the Afghanistan situation unfolding, our hearts are moved with compassion for all those caught up in this. If you feel moved to give financially to help support the needs of so many caught up in this, you can give in two ways.

1. Please pray for the whole situation, for those in distress and fleeing for their lives, for politicians and decision makers, for logistics and practical help, for God’s grace in this terrible situation.
2. Give financially

Via St Matthews online or by cheque or cash.

If giving by cheque or cash, please mark this’ AFGHANISTAN APPEAL.
If you are a taxpayer and your donation is either online or is in a signed Gift Aid envelope, we shall reclaim the Gift Aid on your behalf to maximise the gift, and direct this giving to Tear Fund and Christian Aid or World Vision, all charities operating in this field and enabling emergency relief and care. Gift Aid envelopes will be in church.
Or Give direct via charities of your choice. Here are some links to charities operating in this field:

Christian Aid
Tear Fund
World Vision
Refugee Education UK

with love and prayers from the ministry team

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