Washing Feet

Today’s reading is John – ?

Here is today’s reflection by Gaby.

Maudy Thursday

Foot washing is a topic that makes my toes curl. The idea of another person gently and lovingly washing my feet is a challenge. I believe that in reflexology feet are very important and connect to all sorts of other parts of your body. In Jesus’ time it was practical service and custom to wash feet. I once had a pedicure and it was in fact very nice.

Here it is all about intimacy. Verse 1 tells us Jesus’ love for his followers.

We see the meal is in progress which commentators suggest shows that Jesus’ foot washing is a deliberate act of serving not just a cultural courtesy on the way in.

Jesus knows his place in God, he had all things under his power and then he serves.

Peter seeing the others’ feet being washed tells Jesus he doesn’t want his feet washed. I wonder why… he knew Jesus was above him, perhaps he felt embarrassed to be served by him, anyway Jesus tells him clearly… Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.

This is when we see the mark of intimacy. Peter makes a U-turn… it’s all coming from the same heart but the thought has changed him and he he re-adjusts his position.

Then wash all of me Peter asks.

Isn’t Peter great? He loves Jesus, he wants intimacy and relationship with Jesus he jumps into everything. He’s not a bystander, he’s always a central character in every room because of his devotion to Jesus and his grappling with what it means to be a disciple.

You can’t serve me… I have to serve you…Ok then wash everything…

Peter is constantly saying I’m in, count me in, I want to be with you Jesus, I want to get what you’re doing,

As Jesus explains they’re all clean once their feet are washed except one. It makes you wonder what makes Judas unclean. He let Jesus wash his feet like everyone else did. But it was his inside that was unclean.

Peter and Judas are in direct contrast in this. It was all about what is inside. Peter has the desire inside him to know Jesus and be connected with him and Judas wants to make money.

Interesting that they both have a change of heart not too long after. Judas’ change of heart leads to him taking the money back and then his sad suicide. Peter’s change of heart is marked by a cock crowing and his denial then subsequent repentance and regret. They both had regrets Peter’s led to him founding the church and Judas’ led to his death.

I wonder where you are today in your intimacy with Jesus. Are you prepared to let him touch you and your life in a personal way or are you going through the motions, making it look like you do but actually inside you’re cold, you’re not grappling with discipleship you are struggling to survive and faith seems a long way away right now.

Jesus said to the disciples—Do you know what I have done for you and he asks the same thing to us. Do we know what he has done for us? Jesus says—Do you know what I have done for you personally… Ian, Richard, Gaby, Sean, Pat, Jean, Katherine, Margi, Nigel etc

His final encouragement was

Now I have washed your feet you should wash one another’s…

How will we find intimacy with Jesus this holy week? How will we do what he did and serve others?

Jesus ends this with

Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.

Let’s pray.

Lord I pray for greater intimacy with you. Lord I pray we will have hearts to seek you like Peter did not like Judas. Help us to crave intimacy with you. Please also help us to serve others as you served your disciples. And help us as we know these things to be blessed as we do them.


There will be a video version of the service.

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