Alpha Day of Prayer

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

A Day of Prayer for our Alpha Course starting Wednesday 13 January.

If you would like to join in we have 3 times of gathered prayer via Zoom and people are welcome to fast if they are able.

7am 1pm 7pm

Each will have a short time of led sung worship, followed by a time of led but open prayer for our Alpha course on zoom.

The meetings will be 40 minutes each. We really hope that you can make one of these vital times to pray for Alpha. If you are unable to join us these are the areas we will be praying about:

  1. Everyone at St Matthews to think and pray about who they could ask and then invite people
  2. Guests to sign up
  3. 30 guests to come along
  4. The right number of team members
  5. A great experience for all guests and profound moments with Jesus throughout the course.
  6. The Holy Spirit Day to work exceptionally well.
  7. Protection for all the team members, their health, families and lives.
  8. All the technology to work well and no hiccoughs, power cuts, internet crashes etc.
  9. Praise God for the wonderful; opportunity to share faith with people.

Please start praying about these things now if you are able. Contact the office or Gaby for any further details.

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