Welcome James Cannan

We are pleased to say that St Matthews and All Saints Clifton have been asked by the Diocese of Bristol to provide the Self-Supporting curacy training context for Revd James Cannan. This will start on the 11 October when James will be jointly licenced both to St Matthews and All Saints at the same time Gaby Doherty is ordained Deacon.

James is already a Deacon in the Anglican Church of the United States (2015). Since moving to the UK James has been serving as Community Pastor for Resound Church Bristol; this will continue as his main form of employment during his transition to the Church of England.

In order to provide the full breadth of experience appropriate for James, as required by the Church of England, this is a shared learning context between the two churches, St Matthews and All Saints.

James’ role at Resound and the shared context will have an impact on his availability and visibility within each church. This means that his level of contribution will be limited across the three contexts.

This joint training initiative is an important activity as it supports the on-going development of candidates within the church and reflects positive ways of working across the traditional boundaries. It is also recognition of our parishes as being the suitable foundation for this sort of experience.

We look forward to welcoming James to our worshipping communities and to his growing engagement with us over the coming years.

Rev Ian Tomkins
1st October 2020

Dear St Matthews

I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn and serve alongside you in the work of God! We are embarking on an adventure together of a combined multi-context, and self supporting curacy, which means that though I won’t always be physically present with you, I am nonetheless committed to you, and to God’s blessing amongst you. Though I am newly licensed to the Church of England, I have been serving in some sort of ministry context, in both Free, as well as Anglican churches and missions, for the past 35 years. I have a passion for bringing the Gospel in contextual (culturally relevant) ways, in particular to those who are either completely unchurched, or who have left the church at some point in their lives for various reasons. I am hugely eclectic in the expression of my faith, from Celtic to Charismatic, from ancient to modern, from contemplative to academic. I hold theological certainties with a fairly light touch, but hold to love as the most valuable treasure, and believe the greatest expression of the Church is in community. I have been married to a wonderful and often sacrificially supportive wife for the past 24 years, and have three children in various stages of sixth form and secondary school. I love nearly all forms of creativity (and dabble in most) – well written literature, fine art (particularly 19th century on), and music of most genres. I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all over this next season.

Richest blessings,

Rev’d James Cannan

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