News from St George’s, Baghdad

Here in the UK the number of new Coronavirus cases each day is falling, as are the deaths related to the virus. In Iraq the reverse is true. There are around 2,000 new diagnosed cases each day in Iraq at present. Most observers believe that the true number is much higher. There is a stigma around illness in some communities and this is thought to lead to a lot of under-reporting.

The capital Baghdad has the most new cases. This is causing grave concern amongst those we support at St George’s Anglican Church in the heart of the city. We are the funders of the medical clinic at St George’s which before the pandemic was treating nearly 2,000 patients each month. All the work in the St George’s compound comes under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. This includes a Kindergarten and a Primary School which are funded by others.

Yesterday we received the worrying news that one of the Doctors at the clinic has been infected with the Coronavirus and at least one of the staff of the church has also tested positive. They both went into quarantine of course. Once again this demonstrates the risks which front-line medics work under in the current health crisis.

Here is an extract from the message we received from the church yesterday:

‘We bought new sanitising unit that will be used for everyone entering the clinic. It will help to reduce exposure to virus in case of anyone carried the virus while he is not tested yet. The clinic is dealing with some Covid cases that is simple. We refer advanced cases to hospitals.’

Please pray for all at St George’s at this difficult and challenging time.

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