Sixty One

Sunday, 20 November 2016 @ 12.00pm

Can you help pack 125 Christmas gift bags for prisoners. Join us after the 10:30 service to help place a selection of gifts in 125 paper gift bags. We will also have 125 Christmas cards to sign. Christmas in prison is a desperate time, and many prisoners receive nothing at all. St Matt’s is joining with a number of other churches in Bristol to work with Sixty One to ensure all the prisoners in the four prisons in the greater Bristol area receive a gift bag. These will include Christmas cake, chocolate, socks, a notepad, a diary and shower gel. It would be great if you can be there to help Tim Snowdon pack the bags, write the cards, and pray that each bag will be a message of God’s love to the recipient. Also pray that all prisoners will have the opportunity to take a copy of a gospel with the gifts if they wish to. Please let Tim Snowdon know you can be there.

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