Minty’s November Letter

“Remember, remember the 5th of November!” This year the 5th of November is not only bonfire night but also the interview day for those who have applied to be our next vicar. So, please pray for all involved in the appointment process: for the representatives of our Patrons (the Bishop and CPAS), our Parish Representatives (Vanessa Conte and Phil May) and the candidates. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for discernment, wisdom, and a common mind for the interview panel, and for a clear sense of call and vision for the person God is calling to St Matt’s. Pray also for all involved in the familiarisation day when the candidates come to learn more about us (November 4th).

“Remember…” In this month also we remember those who have lost their lives in wars. This year marks 100 years since the start of the First World War, so there has been a particular focus on all that happened in that conflict. We have been reminded both of the horrors that took place and also of acts of courage and friendship.

In our current sermon series on Creation (Genesis 1-3Open Link in New Window), we’ve seen again how God brought creation and order out of chaos. The disobedience and rebellion of human beings resulted in disharmony, chaos, disorder and death – all the things that we are only too aware of taking place every day in our own time. Yet, through God’s love, mercy and grace, given to us freely in Jesus Christ, he offers us a restored and new relationship with him and abundant, eternal life right here and now. As we enter into Advent at the end of this month we not only prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth but we look forward with expectation to his coming again, to the completed restoration and renewal of all creation. We look forward to the time when there will be no more wars, destruction, pain, death and mourning.

At the beginning of Advent we’ll be starting a new sermon series ‘Great Expectations’ (yes, there’s a pun here!). We’ll be thinking about our expectations of God, of what we learn from the Bible as we explore how God interacts with us through his silence, his speaking, his acting and his being ‘one with us’.


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The Well

The Well - a quiet thinking space to reflect on our journey with GodA gathering for prayer and worship, particularly in the difficult times. Join us for our regular 4th Sunday meeting.

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Firm Roots—Cancer Prayer Support Group

This group meets at St Matthew’s on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you would like more details please contact via the Firm Roots Cancer Support website.

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Church Prayer Meeting

An opportunity to come together in prayer for the many and varied things that God is doing here at St Matthew’s. Time is given for sharing what is happening within our church, both for individuals and the various groups and projects; also for our involvement in the immediate and surrounding communities.

Space is given for listening and hopefully hearing what God is saying to his church at this time.

Prayer is a vital part of our life together here at St Matthew’s for just one hour; do consider joining us if and when you are able

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