Firm Roots—Cancer Prayer Support Group

This group which will be meeting at St Matthew’s on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you would like more details please contact via the Firm Roots Cancer Support website.

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Mat’s August Letter

Vision Day Feedback. What do you think?

So, what did we learn from the Vision Day on the 19th May this year?

The answer to that is that we gathered a lot of thoughts and prayerful responses but there are, as yet, no great revelations.

To be honest I wasn’t necessarily expecting our activities that day to tell us the answer. It was very much part of a process which will continue into the autumn through prayer and conversations between us and at PCC. The question being asked is, ‘What two of three things is God calling us to focus on at this time in order to fulfil our vision, living for Jesus?

Discernment of the answer will come by prayerful listening to God and by reflection on what we see God already doing. To my mind it’s a bit like doing a jigsaw without knowing exactly what picture we are making. We trust that God knows and will lead us. We do already have some of the pieces but we need to ask God to give us a few more so that we can begin to put together a fuller picture. I suspect we won’t have the complete picture until we look back in a few years time. God often works like that. See Acts.

So what pieces do we have so far? From our listening to God on the vision day and in other conversations, I reported the following to PCC;

  • We see ourselves as a good and growing church blessed with many good people and good resources
  • We are welcoming of all and have a broad range of people in the community
  • We are an all age community and are blessed with a good and growing children’s ministry
  • We have been blessed with better connections to the community local to the building
  • We feel busy and (over?) active
  • We feel like we are doing too much in a disparate way
  • We need to focus on a few things and do them well
  • Some feel anxious, fearful and not good enough
  • Some were concerned at the direction that our Sunday worship is taking
  • We want to ‘be’ more rather than do, learn to live with Jesus as well as for Jesus
  • We are seeking to trust God more
  • We are becoming more open to the work of the Holy Spirit

My main 3 reflections on where God is already working are;

We have a common desire to grow as disciples of Jesus.

Our children’s ministry; we currently have good Sunday children’s work, a well attended Playgroup, Toddler Group, Messy Church (our 2nd biggest regular service), ‘Praise God its Friday’ group, Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and an improving relationship with our local primary schools. On an average week I would guess we have well in excess of 150 pre-school and primary age children through the building. Most are not from church going families. Children enjoy coming to the building and children enjoy our worship activities.

Our welcome and our diverse community; many people comment on our welcome and the ‘family’ feel. We have senior professionals worshipping alongside those with special needs, young with old, active retired and young adults, a number of mature adults and new babies, a breadth of theological perspectives within a broad evangelical framework. We welcome people to Tea and Chat, Stay and Play and the Knightstone Coffee Mornings.

However one of our big challenges is how to help those we welcome and serve to meet with the living Lord Jesus.

So what do you think? Perhaps through the quieter period of the summer you may like to reflect on what’s written above and spend some time listening for anything else that God may want us to add. Perhaps you have another piece of the jigsaw, perhaps God will speak to you directly or through scripture.

If you have further reflections do send them to me and please do continue to pray for the PCC as we discern what God is saying to us.

Please do also keep reflecting on the picture of St Matthew’s becoming a sailing boat rather than a warship or tanker. What is God saying through this? It won’t leave me alone. I hope you have a great summer and look forward to the coming year. God bless.


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Holy Communion Café Style

When God says ‘go’ there is a change in understanding: The Samaritan woman
Leader: Billy Rowe
President: Revd Matt Trendall
Speaker: Rob Hook
John 4Open Link in New Window

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…or download for later (right click and save). | Open Player in New Window

Reader 1: Polly W-S
Reader 2: Dave Thyer
Sound: Chris Budd
Music: Richard P

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All Age Morning Worship

When God says ‘go’ there is a change in understanding: The Samaritan woman
Leader: Dom & Cath Hubbuck
Speakers: Caleb & Billy Rowe

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Reader 1: Sally Wood
Reader 2: Tim Tiley
Intercessions: Simon P-J
Prayers: M Thyer / Mary P
Sound: Rick P
Projector: Sue Rowlands
Music: Billy / Caleb

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