To the churches in Bristol

Whilst studying the letters that John wrote to the churches in the early chapters of Revelation, the congregation collectively wrote this during the evening service of 22nd April.

To the churches in Bristol, St Matthew’s and others,

Jesus loves you; powerfully and deeply. He knows what you are experiencing, He knows your struggles, He lived as you do & knows how you feel. Because He lived and died and rose, you are forgiven, accepted and saved. He is supreme, all powerful and yet yearns for your faith, you hearts and your trust.

As His church you are beautiful in His sight and He delights in your unity, in your outreach, especially to the marginalised, in your creativity, your kingdom generosity and your willingness to go to others rather than passively waiting for them to come to you. He delights in your desire for community, your prayers and you concern for the church in all the world.

In His great love He warns you to be wary of your wealth, self sufficiency and the risk of complacency. Do not fear offending others, beware of failing to stand firm for your faith. He warns you not to be so critical; do not focus on the differences but look to your common ground, in Christ.

Do not be complacent because persecution could come. God desires wholeheartedness and will use all our resources and gifts for His glory; to make Bristol a sanctuary where people can find safety in God’s love. St Matthews, you are a church on a hill; shine and stretch yourself. Make disciples, bring home the prodigals.

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