Morning Worship

Sunday, 22 January 2012 @ 10.30am

Leader: Revd Tanya Lord
Speaker: Jeanette Plumb with Val Jeal & Mary Parsons
Reference is made in this talk to a video and a set of slides. In the case of the latter, the text of the only one essential for understanding the talk is reproduced below. We have written to the producers of the video to see if there is an online version available.

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Slide 7 Types of Vulnerability:—Disability, learning difficulty; Mental or physical ill health; Dementia; Age related impairments; Bereaved; Unemployed; Survivors of past abuse; Addictions—alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography etc.; Domestic abuse; Being bullied, harassed. We will all be vulnerable at certain times.

This service will be followed by a farewell lunch for Vicky Wright, our community minister.
Reader 1: Margaret Adams
Reader 2: Ludwig G
Intercessions: Sue Howard
Sound: Charlie
Projector: Pauline R
Music: Mat & Band

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