Mentoring – Is this for you?

During 2012 we will be launching a mentoring network at St Matthew’s. It can sometimes be difficult to know how to ‘live for Jesus’ in our everyday lives. Mentoring is designed to help us move forward in our faith journey becoming better followers of Jesus. CPAS define mentoring as ‘a dynamic, intentional, voluntary relationship of trust in which one person (the mentor) enables another person (the mentee) to maximise the grace of God within their lives and develop their potential in the service of God’s kingdom purposes’. Essentially it would involve a mentor meeting with a mentee once every 4-6 weeks for an hour to talk, listen and pray. The expectation is that this helps the mentee move on in their relationship with God.

If you would like to know more, become a mentor or have a mentor to talk with and pray with, please could you contact Mat either directly or through the office.

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