Weekend Away

St Matthew’s was quieter than usual from 21st – 23rd September 2012, when 18 leaders and young people went away for a weekend. We visited Bainesbury House, in the grounds of Downside Abbey near Radstock, and had such a busy, blessed and brilliant time that the conversations on the car journey home very quickly turned to: ‘when are we doing this again?!’

We spent Friday evening catching up, eating pizza and watching a movie (a great choice made by Caleb!) Everyone was up bright and early on Saturday morning and some of the many highlights of the day included:

• A bridge-building competition: whose would hold the most Bibles?
• Cake decorating, with a Biblical theme: just how do you make a sheep out of icing?!
• A treasure hunt aroung the grounds of the Abbey: who would make it to the top of ‘St Matthew’s Mountain’ first?
• A talent show and games night: has a group of youth leaders ever enjoyed a Wii dance game so much…?

Sunday dawned dark and rainy, but we enjoyed a fantastic lunch and tested the strength of our bridges before packing up to go home.

The theme of the weekend was ‘You are special’. Three sessions, spread across two days, gave us the opportunity to refect, worship, spend time with God, and explore the following ideas:

• You are special…as you are: we each have our own skills and roles
• You are special…as part of the group: we should encourage each other
• You are special…as part of the world: we can each make a lasting and positive impact on our world

Rachel would like to thank the young people for getting involved in all of the activities and the brilliant leadership team (James, Ruth, Annie, Margaret, Chris, Billy and Caleb) for their enthusiasm and hard work.