APCM Reports

The reports for the APCM held on 7 April 2019 are below, missing items will be published here as they become available.

APCM Agenda
Annual Review 2018
APCM Minutes April 2018 (approved at this year’s meeting)
2018 Accounts Slideshow (subject to audit and examination)
The report to the Charity Commissioners
Also relevant is Ian’s sermon in the service prior to the meeting which is published as a podcast.

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Lent Pilgrim

The Beatitudes Reflections

Latest: The Apps are now available on The C of E Website and the Booklets have arrived.

You can sign on for daily updates by email on The C of E website and the App should be towards the bottom of that page “soon”. The Church of England is leaving it to the last minute…

Word on the web suggests that if you have the Christmas “Follow the Star” app then it will update automatically to the “Lent Pilgim” one as soon as it is available so keep a lookout for your App Update notifications.

When the apps are available we will update this page.

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Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll will be completely refreshed during March/April 2019, therefore every name will be removed and anyone wishing to be included on the St Matthew’s Electoral roll will need to fill in an application form. Application forms are available online and from church.

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St George’s Baghdad

This year we exchanged Christmas greetings with the Anglican church, St George’s in Baghdad.

The message from them can be seen here.

and the one we sent, with Arabic subtitles, can be found here.

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