APCM Reports

In preparation for this year’s APCM, missing items will be published here as they become available.

  • APCM Agenda
  • Annual Review 2016 (to come)
  • APCM Minutes April 2016 (for approval at this year’s meeting)
    2015 Accounts Slideshow mentioned in the above minutes
  • 2016 Statutory Accounts (included in the Charity Commissioners’ report below)
  • 2016 Accounts Slideshow (subject to audit and examination) (to come)
  • The report to the Charity Commissioners (to come)

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Worship Collective

Once a month a scratch group of singers lead part of our sung worship at 10:30am service. Would you like to be part of that group in future? If you love singing praise to Jesus, then this is for you! Open to any age. Please speak to Sam Chapple.

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Reformation 500: Lent Course

Every Wednesday in March, 7.30pm in church. Exploring the foundations of the Church of England

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Christmas Leaflets

Bundles of our leaflets advertising our Christmas services are ready for distribution in the Parish. Please pick up a bundle—there are 40 streets to cover.

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