Bell Ringing

Dear Church Neighbour,
On Friday 24th January at 5.30 PM the University of Bristol Society of Change ringers will be attempting a ‘full peal’ on the bells, lasting approximately 3 hours. This is in anticipation of the Society’s 76th anniversary and their dinner weekend. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience to you,
Best regards,
St Matthew’s Church, Clare Road

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St George’s Baghdad

Once again we exchanged Christmas greetings with the Anglican church, St George’s in Baghdad.

The message from them can be seen here.

and the one we sent, with Arabic subtitles, can be found here.

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An invitation

See the Christmas letter from the Vicar.

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St George, Baghdad

Tim Mizen tells us…

This morning [Sunday 22 Sept] on Radio 4 Father Faiz was interviewed on Radio 4’s “Sunday” programme at 7:15. His translator Sinan is a member of the St George’s congregation. They are in the UK and speaking around London.

Father Faiz has been canonised [made a canon] this week by the Bishop of Cyprus and the Middle East and is in England to meet and report on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East

Thanks and God Bless

The interview can be found at 17:22 in the podcast of the programme.

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