How to Register & Log in

Some information on this site is only of interest to members of the congregation. To see this you will need to register and log in.

At the bottom of every page on the site is a red bar which contains some acknowledgement information and, below that, two links— “Register” and “Log in”. The “Register” link takes you to a form which asks for some details. This needs to be completed carefully for the system to work.

Note: this is only a picture!

To complete the form you will need to think of a Username. This needs to be unique to you, something you can remember but not necessarily secret. As there aren’t many of us, nicknames, surnames or even in some cases, forenames can work. Enter that in the first box. You will be told if that name has already been used.

Next it requires your email address. Type this carefully into the second box as the system will not work if you get it wrong.

Finally we need to verify that you are a member of the congregation. To do this we issue an invitation code which needs to be entered into the third box. This can be obtained from the church office and is occasionally published in the email bulletin. It needs to be typed without any spaces or punctuation.

That is the form complete. Now click the big blue “Register” button and wait a short while. An email will be sent to you which contains your password. When this email arrives you will need to read it carefully and note down your password. It can be recovered if you forget but that is just more trouble. To confirm that you have received the email, there is a link which you need to click to activate the account. You have three days to do this before the registration attempt is abandoned.

Now the process is completed you can log in using the other link at the bottom of the page.

Note: this is only a picture!

This form requires your Username which you entered above and the password which was sent to you by email. You can tick the “Remember Me” box to save having to type it each time or some browsers provide this facility in a different way. Click the big blue “Log In” button and you will be taken to the members page. It is best to log out when you have finished using the link at the bottom of any page.