Sunday Groups


During morning service there is a crèche for babies and small children at the back of the worship area. The service is relayed into the room and there are plenty of toys and books for the children. Parents are also welcome to keep young children with them in the service and to move between the two spaces as and when they need.


…is for children who feel they are too old for crèche and would like to join children of their own age for stories, play activities, making things, dressing up, singing … This group meets after the first 10 minutes of the service in the Old Vestry downstairs. There will always be a leader and accredited parent helper on duty but other parents are welcome to stay with their children as well. Children in this group are usually rising 3, 3 or 4 and they move on to Sunday Groups when they are ready, usually as a little group.

4s–11s—Sunday Groups

Climbers—Reception–Year 3 and Explorers—Years 4–6 meet their leaders in the hall following the first 10-15 minutes of the service upstairs. The session normally begins with all the children together for 5 minutes before groups split by activity or age.

All sorts of activities are possible ~ drama, games, singing, painting, model making, storytelling, Bible study … This is a creative group who enjoy being given a challenge as they explore stories from the Bible and what it means to be a Christian today.

There is a team of enthusiastic and caring leaders and there will usually be 3 or 4 on duty on any Sunday.

Worshipping and learning with others

About once a month there is a service for all ages together when adults, young people and children can be together. These provide opportunities to learn with others who have different viewpoints and to worship God together. As well as this, on the first Sunday of the month, children rejoin their parents upstairs for communion. Those who have agreed with their parents and with the Vicar and have completed the preparation are invited to receive communion, others are welcomed for a blessing.

Other activities for children

We run different activities for children during the week, for more information see King’s Kids. During the week there is also a Pre-school Playgroup in the hall.