Elected Representatives & Teams

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) for 2017 consists of

The Incumbent (Vicar): In Vacancy
Associate Local Minister: Revd Dr. Minty Hull
Ordained Local Minister: Revd Richard Pendlebury, MBE
Revd Dr Minty HullRevd Richard Pendlebury, MBE

The Churchwardens:Phil May, Laura Pendlebury
Phil May Picture to follow

Elected to represent St Matthew’s on Deanery Synod
Nigel Currie
James W. J. Taylor
Nigel CurrieJames W. J. Taylor

Member of Diocesan Synod
Andrew Lucas
Vanessa Conte
Andrew LucasVanessa Conte

Elected to the PCC and their terms of office
Andrew Wood—2018
Kyle Douglas—2019
Chris Smith—2019
Ann Baker—2020
Andrew WoodKyle DouglasChris SmithAnn baker

James Rimmer—2020
Polly Wingate-Saul—2018
Simon Pugh-Jones—2019
Katheryn Caithness—2018 (Secretary)
James RimmerPolly Wingate SaulSimon Pugh-JonesKatheryn Caithness
Helen Aberdeen—2018
Vianet Djenguet—2020
Helen Aberdeen Picture to follow

The following are Assistant Wardens
Nick Stroud
Kyle Douglas
David Aberdeen
Kevin Froud
Will Hull
Polly Wingate-Saul
Nigel Currie

The following are Welcomers
Margie Bushell
Nigel Clift
Heather Cressy
Pat Goddard
Clif Jeal
Val Jeal
Ruth Pitter
Simon Pugh-Jones (+ George!)
Ali Taylor


The Vicar (when appointed)
Associate Local Minister (Minty Hull)
Ordained Local Minister (Richard Pendlebury)
Administrator (Helen Djenguet)

Leadership Team
The Vicar (when apointed)
The Church Wardens (Phil May & Laura Pendlebury)
The Associate Local Minister (Minty Hull)
Ordained Local Minister (Richard Pendlebury)
The Treasurer (Andrew Wood)
The PCC Secretary (Katheryn Caithness)

Pastoral Care Team
The Vicar (when appointed)
Minty Hull (Associate Local Minister)
Val Jeal
Paul Rowlands

Pastoral Visiting Team
Margie Bushell
Sarah Douglas
Rosie Low
Laura Pendlebury
Sue Rowlands
Joyce Stocks
Jill Harris
Margaret Williams

The Building Team
Phil May (Chair)
Nigel Currie
Simon Pugh-Jones
Ian Caithness
Laura Pendlebury
Andrew Wood
Tony Low
Rick Parsons