Our Mission

Our mission is “Living for Jesus: knowing, growing, going”
The prayer for St Matthews:

Heavenly Father,
pour out your Holy Spirit upon St. Matthew’s.
Grant us a new vision of your Glory,
a new experience of your power,
a new faithfulness to your Word,
a new consecration to your service so that,
through our renewed witness
your Holy Name may be glorified
and your Kingdom advanced,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


…God the Father, in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit.

  • PRAYER We will increase our prayerfulness.
  • SERVICE We will create an environment where everyone participates and actively uses their gifts.
  • TEACHING We will continue to provide high quality Bible teaching on Sundays and in mid-week groups.
  • WORSHIP We will continually improve the use of creativity, and the quality and consistency of our worship.


…in numbers and depth of community.

  • DISCIPLESHIP We will make new disciples and grow in discipleship.
  • COMMUNITY We will get to know and care for each other better.
  • SPACE We will use this building and its grounds well.
  • PLANTING We will work towards being a church-planting church.
  • WIDER CHURCH We will play an active part in the City Deanery and Bristol Diocese.


…into the world to make disciples and serve those in need.

  • EVANGELISM We will encourage the personal evangelism and witness of each member of the church.
  • LOCAL COMMUNITY We will communicate with, and be a central part of, the communities local to the church building.
  • NETWORKS We will help each other to live as followers of Jesus in the places and networks to which we belong.
  • WORLD We will continue to support mission outside our church and parish and around the world.

Our Values

Putting God first at the heart of all we do.

Matthew 22:36-38Open Link in New Window

Loving each other and ourselves.

Matthew 22:39-40Open Link in New Window

Being a place of transformation, forgiveness and healing where all are cherished, valued and not judged by the values of the world.

John 8:6-7Open Link in New Window

Being the body of Christ where every member plays a part, is equally valued and uniquely gifted to serve God and others.

Ephesians 4:11-16Open Link in New Window & 1 Corinthians 12Open Link in New Window

Being called by Jesus to make disciples of all people as we go about our daily lives.

Matthew 28Open Link in New Window

Working with God to proclaim the kingdom of God and ‘make it happen’

Luke 4:18-19Open Link in New Window

All these statements can be downloaded in a handy PDF leaflet.