Sunday Worship

Sunday, 1 November 2020 @ 9.30am

What do you want? Come and you will see…

John 1:35-42Open Link in New Window

Downstairs—Bubble Church

Bring your social bubble and join in with challenges, stories and games as we seek to come back to church and discover more about Jesus. Suitable for all ages. Will your bubble rise to the top or has yours burst?

God Knows all about me

If the links don’t work for you, here is the King’s Kids story, Carmen’s video presentation God Knows Us All, Who is the King of the Jungle and Shake

Upstairs—Holy Communion

Leader: Revd Gaby Doherty
President: Revd Richard Pendlebury
Preacher: Rob Cromwell (a Trinity Placement student)

The Podcast will be here when available

Online—Sunday Worship

Leader: Amber Baker (a Trinity Placement student)
Preacher: Revd Ian Tomkins

The YouTube will be here when available.

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