Gather is an informal and relaxed time for women to explore God’s heart through worship, creativity, discussion and friendship.

Ann Baker says:—

During normal times one of the group who usually meet for Gather prepares material for the meeting on a subject that seems relevant to us at this moment and that will hopefully enable us to grow deeper in our relationship with God and with one another. We have a discussion and we pray round the topic and for each other. I usually write an update on this and send it both to those who usually come (between 5 and 10) and a wider number (about another 15) for whom coming to the meetings isn’t possible for one reason or another but who do like receiving these posts.

We met last month on the 13th and although there were intimations of imminent lock-down we really didn’t have any idea that it would be like this and that the plans we had made for a meeting tonight (Apr 17th) and then a Social and Clothes Swap on May 22nd would have to be cancelled.

The meeting was titled “Moving into our Calling” when we looked at the life and work of Edwina Gateley, in particular among the street women in Chicago (see her book “I hear a seed growing”). Val had visited her and was able to tell us more about this remarkable woman and her calling to work among those the world rejects. Edwina has also written much inspirational poetry. One of her poems that we read then was called ‘The Sharing’ and I’m going to copy it here because it expresses some of what ‘Gather’ is trying to be; also it seems appropriate for all we are going through in this time of pandemic.

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