A New Curate for St Matthew’s

Ian Tomkins writes,
I am delighted to be able to inform you that from this summer, Gaby Doherty will be joining St Matthews Bristol as a curate in training.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we do not yet know exactly when this will be. Ordinations set for early July have of course been postponed, and we wait to hear about this from Bristol Diocese as the situation unfolds.

But this is lovely, encouraging news for us all, and we hugely look forward to Gaby joining us soon, and to getting to know her and the Doherty family.

Please pray for them all, as we look forward with excitement and joy to the future together.

Gaby Doherty writes:

I’m Gaby and I’m married to Sean and we have four children Jemie 13, Joey (nearly) 11, Caleb 8, and Esther 6Open Link in New Window.

We recently moved to Bristol for Sean’s job at Trinity College, but prior to that we lived in central London in North Kensington where we were very happy for 10 years and prior to that we lived in North London.

I am from Wincanton in Somerset originally. Sean is from Ascot. We are a passionate about the inner city and look forward to getting to know Bristol better.

Since we moved here, I play netball and I have started a book club. The kids are involved with lots of football and uniformed organisations. We are loud and fun and we’re enjoying exploring Bristol, although more recently we’ve been getting to know the area closer to home.

Sean has been ordained 13 years and has been involved in theological education for over 10 years.

I am finishing training for ordained ministry after 20 years of discernment and I’m really excited about getting involved in ministry in Kingsdown parish and working with St Matthews Bristol, despite not knowing when I may be ordained!

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