At the Parish Meeting and APCM held on Monday 18 April the following people were elected.

Church Wardens—Phil May and Alison Edmonds (to take effect at the Archdeacon’s Visitation)

PCC—Eight people were elected to make 12 elected members.

Nigel Currie
Polly Wingate-Saul
Simon Pugh-Jones
Kathryn Caithness
Chris Smith
Sally Taylor
Kyle Douglas
Helen Aberdeen

Assistant Wardens

David Aberdeen, Nigel Currie, Kyle Douglas, Kevin Froud, Will Hull, Kate Pinfold, Nick Stroud, James Taylor, Polly Wingate-Saul & Sally Wood.


Margie Bushell, Nigel Clift, Heather Cressy, Pat Goddard, Cliff Jeal, Val Jeal, Laura Pendlebury, Ruth Pitter, Jeanette Plumb, Simon Pugh-Jones (+ George) & Ali Taylor.

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