Marcus’ March Letter

It has been a fantastic few weeks at St Matthews over the Lent period! I hope you have enjoyed the Stories Behind the Stained Glass Windows as much as I have. It’s both very exciting and deeply challenging to see how those who have gone before us lived and what is possible in the Christian life. The Church Family Day was also very well supported and a very encouraging and helpful time for many of us. It feels as if spring time is long overdue and with Easter so early this year, we may all have finished our eggs before the days get any warmer and brighter. The events that we celebrate and remember in the run up to Easter Sunday, really are events that have changed the world forever. What an amazing reality that our Lord and Creator should actually have taken all that is wrong with us and the world upon himself and gone down into the grave to destroy it, and then to walk out the other side and begin a new creation.

Today at St Matthews we follow a Living Saviour who will soon return to set everything right and complete his new creation. The good news of Easter for each one of us is that our sin has been taken away and that a new life has been made available now and a new future opened up for us all. We want to experience more and more of Jesus and walk in his life and power as we move into Easter time and beyond. We want to show our trust in Jesus and dependence upon His great Father as we pray together, day by day, week by week and month by month. After Easter we are going to re-launch our Monday evening prayer meetings as the very exciting new St Matthews Night. We hope to meet monthly on Wednesday evenings; to spend time together as we learn, praise and pray. Thank you so much for your support and love for the people and place of St Matthews over the years and especially for your generosity on the Gift Day. Giving so generously will allow us to continue to extend the ministry and mission of our church over the coming year.

It was so encouraging at a recent prayer meeting where some friends who have only become Christians quite recently prayed so sincerely and movingly alongside others of us who have been Christians for many years. What an encouragement and blessing it was to us all, that is what we are all about. Spring time is the season of new life and growth. How exciting that there are also new shoots popping up all across our church life every day! Let’s all give ourselves with renewed commitment to our risen Saviour Jesus and in his strength walk in his new life day by day together this Easter time.

With love and every blessing in Christ, Marcus

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