Marcus’ November Letter

Now we ask you brothers and sisters, to respect those who work hard among, who are over you in the Lord and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work.

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13Open Link in New Window

What a wonderful church family we are at St Matthews where so many give of their time, energy and gifts to serve and support others! I’m discovering all the time how there are so many things that happen every week that go unseen but without which church life would not thrive at all. There are many people that we can be thankful for but especially this month I would love us to pray for the members of our PCC.

It has been a real privilege for me personally to draw alongside and begin to get to know and work with this wonderful group of people. You will know better than me that they are very busy people, many are in highly pressurised situations and yet they give so freely and cheerfully of their time to us as church family. We never want to take each other for granted but encourage and support one another in all that we are doing in church life. We all need to continue to pray for wisdom and humble dependence upon Jesus in every part of our lives. We want our trust in Jesus to inform every discussion that we have and every decision that we make. As the PCC makes decisions on behalf of our whole church family, it is where the rubber of our faith actually hits the road. We don’t want to come with our own agendas or only our own resources but rather come with open ears and empty hands to learn from Jesus, hear our Father and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

On the 14th November we are having a PCC away day at Trinity College. It will be an exciting opportunity to spend some extended time prayerfully exploring our future together. I would deeply value your prayers as we think through the wonderful vision for the future that Jesus is opening up before us at St Matthews. Do we know who the members of our PCC are? Imagine how encouraging it would be for them, if next time we saw them we just said ‘thank you’.
With love and blessings in Jesus,


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