Sixty One

Sunday, 22 November 2015 @ 12.00pm

Can you help pack 400 Christmas gift bags for prisoners. Join us after the 10:30 to help place a selection of gifts in 400 paper gift bags. We will also have 400 Christmas cards to sign. Christmas in prison is a desperate time, and many prisoners receive nothing at all. St Matt’s is joining with a number of other churches in Bristol to work with Sixty One to ensure all the prisoners in the four prisons in the greater Bristol area receive a gift bag. These will include Christmas cake, chocolate, socks, a notepad, a diary and shower gel. All prisoner will also have the opportunity to take a copy of St Luke’s gospel with the gifts if they wish to. It would be great if you can be there to help Tim Snowdon pack the bags, write the cards, and pray that each bag will be a message of God’s love to the recipient. Please let Tim Snowdon know you can be there.

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