Marcus’ August Letter

Its summer time in Bristol and we are so excited to have finally landed and to be here with you! This must have been the best time of the year to move and see the city in full bloom. It felt like a long time in coming and although we loved and will miss Plymouth, we have been counting down the days for some time. I never dreamed that we had so much ‘stuff’ until it was all finally boxed up and there it was before us; a terrible shock and surprise—enough to fill a small container ship (and that was just my books!) You may be glad to know that we are at last finally free from boxes at home and if I ever see another box again I don’t know what I will do! The Vicarage is a really lovely house, which we are so thankful for and are very much enjoying turning into our family home. Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind and warm welcome and for all the practical ways in which you have supported us and helped us settle in; not least, for all the work that went into making the Licensing such a special occasion. Bristol is a fantastic place and we have already enjoyed finding all the local parks and are having to restrain ourselves from over spending on Gloucester Road.

Most of all, we are excited about being able to get to know you and walk alongside each of you as we move forward together in our knowledge and love of our great Saviour. Jesus has done so much in our lives and helped us in countless ways and we are so excited to hear of how He has been at work in you over the years. We will be praying with anticipation about what Jesus’ vision is for us as a church as we move into the future. For many of us this is holiday time and we hope you have a great time away and real times of refreshment with your families. If you are around in Bristol during August we would love to invite you to the Vicarage for lunch after church on a few Sundays and perhaps put out a little list to sign up on. We all love the summer; all the flowers and birds and sunshine. It feels like a different world to that of winter. We are praying that in his grace the Lord Jesus will grant us as a church renewed life, as by His Spirit new buds and shoots spring up among us and in us. Where we perhaps feel tired and worn out or just bruised by the harshness and brutality of life, we are looking to Jesus to bring us as a church family, into first spring and then a long and wonderful summer.

With love and every blessing in Christ,


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