Roof Repair News

Although St Matt’s has been unsuccessful in our bid for funding to repair the tower roof this year, we are hopeful that we may be more successful next year, and are encouraged by Archdeacon Christine Froude’s comments in the Diocesan Monthly News:

“We are delighted with the significant sum of money that has been made available for churches in our diocese, and also at the prospect of a second round of funding later in the year for those who may not have been successful this time. I’m also pleased at the variety of contexts that have shared in the grants—from small, rural villages to market towns and suburban communities. They each have their own challenges and needs. Assistance on this scale will be a huge encouragement to all those churchwardens and other volunteers who give so much of their time and effort to keep our buildings available for use by the whole community and fit for purpose as a base from which to share the love of God.”

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