A month of Accompanied Prayer

Sunday, 11 January 2015 @ 6.00pm

iconA chance to talk one-to-one with a trained listener from outside about what may be happening in your prayer life and maybe to discover new ways of praying. These meetings happen weekly at a mutually agreed time, which can alter from week to week if necessary.

This is not for experts! You may think you are not much good at praying but each person’s experience of prayer is different and is equally valid.

The role of the prayer companion is to create an atmosphere of confidence and trust in which they can gently help the participant to deepen their relationship with God. They will not direct or prescribe but will meet the participant at whatever stage they are in their Christian journey.

This time can be a special gift: for the pilgrim who participates, for the prayer companion who has the privilege of walking alongside and for deepening the prayer life of the Parish as a whole.

The month begins with an initial meeting for everyone in the Small Hall at Cotham Parish Church and will end with a final meeting for everyone on Sunday 8th February.

If you are interested or want to know more please talk to Minty.

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