Minty’s October Letter

‘Do not be afraid to be changed’ is the theme of the last of our current sermon series and, at our thanksgiving service last month, Ray quoted John Robinson’s words, ‘The Church should always have its bags packed and be ready to move’. He reminded us that this applies not only to the Church but to all churches, including St Matt’s, and to us individually. God is continually doing ‘a new thing’ (Isaiah 43:19Open Link in New Window) and calls us to be open to his constant transforming action through the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 12:2Open Link in New Window); in this he helps us to discern his will and to live for him. Change in our external circumstances usually calls for internal change and this isn’t always comfortable but we do not need to be afraid as God is in this with us and will help us through it all. In the coming months at St Matt’s we will continue to face challenges of change both as a church and individually and we need to hold onto this promise.

As we look forward to the appointment of our new vicar we also now have a newly formed Staff Team. With the departure of Jackie and Cath, Fran and Katie joining us and now as we welcome Emma as our new administrator, the Staff Team has radically changed. So please pray for us all (including Rachel and me) as we learn new things and how to work together, and forgive us when we don’t always ‘get things right’!

Please also continue to pray for our Patrons (the Bishop and his representatives and CPAS) and our Parish Representatives as they will be shortlisting those applying to be our new vicar this month and for everyone preparing for the interviews in November. Pray too for the person who will come to us and for ourselves that God will prepare all of us for the new things he is calling us to in this place.

Thinking of new things that God may be inviting us into, perhaps it’s not accidental that the theme of our next exciting and challenging sermon series is Creation!

Over the next couple of months we’ll be exploring the early chapters of Genesis: looking at what the book of Genesis is and the radical ideas about the nature of God that it presents, the goodness of creation, the nature of human beings and the realities of humanity in relation to God.
I’m looking forward to it!


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