Evening Worship

Sunday, 5 October 2014 @ 6.30pm

Autumn Series: Do not be afraid… to be changed
Leader & Preacher: Martin Stanisstreet
John 14:25-31Open Link in New Window & Philippians 1:3-11Open Link in New Window

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The podcast is very short and is just an introduction to the discussion. The questions are…
For the first reading 1) What Promise(s) did Jesus make to his followers? 2) What danger(s) did Jesus warn about? 3) What instructions did Jesus give to his followers?
For the second reading 1) What did the writer give thanks for about the Christians at Philippi? 2) What was the writer confident about for the Christians at Philippi? 3) What is the most important verse for you personally in either of these passages and why?
Reader 1: Tim Bushell
Reader 2: Pat Goddard
Intercessions: Kevin Froud
Sound: Jim Baillie
Music: Julia Dunn

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