Vacancy Plans

At our PCC meeting on the 10th May the PCC agreed the following;
During the vacancy the church wardens, and
, become overall responsible for the parish to the Bishop, supported by the new Area Dean.

The responsibility for worship and pastoral care will be taken by supported by our licensed lay ministers (Richard Pendlebury, Martin Stanisstreet & Rob Hook), the pastoral care team and others. They will in turn be supported by other visiting preachers and priests. All other areas will be overseen by the wardens.

Phil May and Vanessa Conte will be the parish representatives (reps) on the panel that will seek a new vicar. The panel will be led by CPAS, who are our patrons, and will also include the Bishop and Area Dean. Do pray for Phil and Vanessa as they lead the parish’s part in this along with the PCC. More information will follow.

John Swainston will chair the PCC through the vacancy (as he did last year). The Treasurer remains supported by Martin Lings. The PCC Secretary is .

The chairs of the other teams are;
Leadership Team—Alison Edmonds (Warden)
Knowing Team—Kyle Douglas (PCC)
Growing Team—Kate Pinfold
Going Team—Minty Hull
Building Team—Phil May (PCC)

Do pray for each of these people as they take up their responsibilities in the coming year.

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