Update on Vision Focus

The January PCC further discussed the three focal areas of children / young people, discipleship and serving other communities. The Knowing, Growing and Going teams have realigned the activities they are responsible for with these focal areas. In consultation with the PCC they have agreed which activities are core, which are desirable and identified activities which we will stop. As a church we will be focussing our resources on the core activities.

More information will follow at the annual meeting but if you have any questions please do contact Mat or one of the PCC.

An exciting challenge!

We are beginning to see increasing opportunities for growth in our mid-week children and families work. There is a huge amount to be thankful for, especially those who give their time and expertise to serve in this area ably led by Cath. As we look ahead the PCC would like to release Cath more into the mid-week ministry by providing increased resource for our Sunday work. The PCC is therefore considering creating a part time role for one or two days per week to support Cath’s Sunday responsibilities.

Please would you pray about this, giving thanks for all that God is doing and praying for the right person to come forward to work alongside Cath. If you have ideas about anyone who may be interested, or you’re interested yourself please do speak to Mat.

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