Are you prepared for Christmas

This advent we will be preparing ourselves for celebrating the birth of Jesus using material based on the festival of ‘Posada’. A celebration originally from South America, during Posada we encounter Mary and Joseph journeying to Bethlehem and searching for a place to stay as Jesus enters the world. This time of thinking and preparing allows and encourages us to be ready for Christmas—to make room for Jesus in our own hearts and lives.

During December this year we will be using models of Mary and Joseph and specially prepared materials to help us reflect and think about our own preparations for Christmas throughout Advent. Everyone is encouraged to take part—young, old, families, couples, individuals, groups of friends, Pastorates and Home Groups—whether you choose to quietly pray and reflect for an evening, or throw a party and invite others to share your faith through celebration—anything goes and all are welcome!

If you are interested in hosting Mary and Joseph in your home for a day/evening to be a focus for celebrations, prayer and reflections on your own journey towards Christmas, then please speak to Cath Hubbuck—look out for the sign-up sheet in the foyer too!

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