The ‘Sisters of the Church’ Christmas Appeal

Once again the Sisters will be distributing festive Christmas bags for low income families/homeless in St Paul’s.

Gifts of food needed this year include—boxes of chocolates, tins of biscuits, tins of ham, tins of salmon, jars of coffee & packets of ‘cupasoup’.

In addition the Sisters are pleased to receive gifts for adults—new gloves & socks

There will be a red box for gifts in the foyer—it would be good if you could bring your gifts by Sunday 8th December.

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Colston’s Primary Carol Service

At St Matt’s.

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Archfield Nursery Nativity

In the hall at St Matt’s.

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Tea & Chat (Special)

aimed at more senior members of the congregation and neighbourhood, we are meeting in the afternoon of (usually) the second Thursday of each month. We are just having a get together with tea and cakes with perhaps a small quiz or activity too.

As a special extra this month, ‘Alive” are entertaining us with songs & film clips from yesteryear, this time with a Christmas theme.

If you would like to come or know anyone who would like to join us please contact Jackie in the office. Lifts can be arranged.

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