Banner Making Sessions

Friday, 6 September 2013

Would you like to join us in making a new banner to be hung in the church porch? You’d be very welcome!

Since summer 2011, the St Matthew’s youth group have been working with Ann Baker to produce a series of designs for a new banner. The banner was inspired by a prayer-poem that we composed for our youth service in February 2011 and the text of the poem will be reproduced on the banner. The poem was originally conceived as a response to the question: ‘what does ‘knowing God’ mean to us?’ Of the three designs produced, one was selected by the congregation and youth group last year.

Join us for some informal sessions on Friday afternoons to cut out the lettering, start putting the banner together and enjoy tea and cake!

Please note:
• not suitable for under 12s
• precise cutting skills required!

For more details see Ann Baker or Rachel Clarke.

Banner Making Poster

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