Mat’s June Letter

One of the great joys of being an all age church is that children are very much part of our community. I was really encouraged that the children took part in the vision day. In fact they started their listening to God the week before we did. Their thoughts, prayers and reflections are rightly included in the feedback displayed in church and in the discernment of the PCC.

The other day Cath (our children’s minister) wrote the following as part of the first draft of her all age talk for the vision day.

“I love the challenge of finding a new or interesting way that we can explore and experience God’s love together and where the youngest and the oldest might equally know that love afresh; I love that sometimes God prompts you to take the capacity of children—even quite tiny children—to set an example or give a fresh perspective to those of us who like to think sometimes that we’ve got to grips with this faith thing.

Whenever I sit to plan anything where we share and learn together, God draws me back to the words of Jesus when he not only placed a child in front of his followers as an example of faith and trust, but he also said to them, ‘…unless you turn and become like children, you will never know the kingdom of heaven.’ I think we can sometimes be too busy or just too downright grown-up to remember and embrace this. Sometimes I think we need to sit up and learn from the smallest people in our church family.”

One of the pictures we received on the 19th came from a 5 year old who said she had a picture of (in her words)… “people being baptised with fire!” (a term her parents have never used with her).

Let us pray that her prophecy is true for us all and that we might have the simple faith and trust to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit from our totally good and loving heavenly Father.

Praise God for the children of St Matthew’s and those who lead their groups and learn from them. All Age community enriches us all.


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