Holy Communion Café Style

Speaking of God: Abiding in Him and He in us
Leader: (Revd) Minty Hull
President: Revd Mat Ineson
Preacher: Clare Newby, a Trinity Context Student
John 14:15-27Open Link in New Window
We regret that this service was not recorded.

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Morning Worship

Speaking of God: Abiding in Him and He in us
Leader: Billy Rowe
Preacher: Martin Stanisstreet
John 14:15-27Open Link in New Window

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&#8230.and the author of this web site could never have expected to be quoted in a sermon.

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Small Group & Pastorate Re-Launch Dinner Party

4–6.30pm—PGIF (Praise God it’s Friday) family pastorate will be running in the Hall if you want to see what it is like.

6.30–9pm—FOR EVERYONE AT ST MATT’S. Small groups are an integral part of the community here. They are an opportunity for us to enjoy one another’s company & to apply what we have learnt on a Sunday in a smaller, accessible context

Whether you are an existing member of a small group, would like to join one or are thinking you’d like to join one, please come along. There will be a variety of new material available for each group to try during the evening. Dinner provided.

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Billy and Caleb moving on

We have had a fantastic time here at St Matthew’s, and it is with a heavy heart that we will now be moving on.

We have both been selected for training for ordination and we believe that God has been calling us to do this in New Zealand! As part of our recent visit we met with the Bishop of Wellington and the Dean of the college in Auckland and we secured a place to begin in February 2014.

Because of this move we have decided to spend a short time with Caleb’s parents before we move across the world and so we will be serving at the Lee Abbey community with them over the winter months. We therefore will be leaving here in the Autumn, our final Sunday will be 6th October.

We thank God for the blessing of the relationships we have begun whilst here and a particular highlight being the Passion Play. We still have over 3 months till we leave and are looking forward to what God may do with us all over that time and beyond.
Billy & Caleb xx

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