Messy Church

[Not the 17th as it says in the bulletin and previously on here]
Don’t do church? Think again…

Try Messy church—a new, exciting way of doing church, once a month after school on Fridays (4-6pm) for families.

See the Messy Church page for more details.

Help would be especially appreciated on the day or with advance food preparation during the week before.

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The Well

connecting with God in the struggles of life.

A gathering for prayer and worship, particularly in the difficult times. Join us in the Chapel for our regular 4th Sunday meeting.

For more information please speak to Charlotte Gompertz or Sam Sayer.

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Mat’s May Letter

I’m currently reading ‘Risk Takers’ by Malcolm Duncan*. In chapter 7 he writes this about the early church as described in the book of Acts.

“The early church was completely dependant in the Holy Spirit. He guided, filled, inspired and protected them. He pushed them into new territory. He took their lives and expanded the possibilities in them. What he did with the early church, He does today with the lives of those who follow Christ – if we let him”.

The early church of Acts was led by God the Holy Spirit.

I wonder what that was like? Did the early church leaders have strategies and thoughts about how the church would grow and develop? Probably. Did God follow these? No. God led them. Were they surprised at how things developed and where? Yes. Were they always able to see how the Holy Spirit was working in and through them? No – only when they looked back.

Malcolm Duncan reminds us that the Church’s journey in Acts was ‘unpredictable, risky and full of life’. They sought to be led by God. Their journey was fuelled by prayer, littered with mistakes, full of unexpected turns and very fruitful. Acts shows that it is good to have plans, they encourage us to set out on the journey but it reminds us that we need to remain open to the wind of the Holy Spirit and be flexible to follow that. The purposes of God were worked out through them as the Church said ‘Yes’ to His leading.

Our church vision Sunday on the 19th May is an opportunity for us to gather together and seek the direction of the Holy Spirit so that we too may be God led. Who knows where the wind of the Spirit will blow? Our job is to be prepared to catch that wind and journey into our future with God. The direction of that is unknown. But we do know that we can trust God who has taken us this far and whose hand we can see at work as we look back. As we prepare for that day please do pray that we might hear the voice of God for our next steps and perhaps read through Acts – if you dare!


*Risk Takers by Malcolm Duncan Published by Monarch 2013

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Church weekend away

Note: We have had to change the date to two weeks later than earlier announced.
Brunel Flyer
Our weekend away will be a time to build community, by spending time with each other and with God, having fun, worshipping, learning from the Bible, and getting to know each other better across all ages.

Ian StackhouseOur speaker is Ian Stackhouse, Pastoral leader of Guildford Baptist Church (Millmead) since 2004. He is married to Susanna and they have four boys, all of whom support Burnley Football Club. In his spare time Ian likes reading novels, writing poetry, walking in the Surrey Hills, watching movies, playing football with his boys and listening to Russian Orthodox music. He has written ‘The Gospel-driven Church’, ‘The Day is Yours’ and most recently, ‘Primitive Piety: A Journey from Suburban Mediocrity to Passionate Christianity’.

He will be speaking to us on the title “Unsophisticated Christianity”. He explains that this “will be exploring ways in which we might recover, in our busy, sophisticated world, the Biblical rhythms of work, rest and play, as well as the full range of emotions that we see in the person of Jesus, as opposed to the fairly tame emotions of ‘nice’ suburbia.”

Mat says “Every weekend away I have been involved in has been a special time for St Matthew’s. Please don’t let money stop you going. If you need some help do ask Mat who has funds available to help. If you don’t go, we’ll miss you and you may well feel that you have missed out.”

Venue: Brunel Manor, Torquay
Cost: adult £131; 13-18 year olds £66; 6-12 year olds £33; 0-5s free.
A non-refundable deposit of £15 per adult, is to be paid with the form. The full balance will be required by the end of Dec 2013. Online payments would be preferred—see booking form for details.

Brunel Manor Booking Form 2014

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