Mat’s April Letter

Well, that was a wonderful Easter! It was so special to re-live the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection through the Passion Play, Eggsplore and our worship together. Thank you so much to all of those who made it possible.

Along with many across the centuries we believe that the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is true, real and life changing. And with them, we are called to live out and proclaim that reality, inviting others to join us. In 1 Corinthians 2:2Open Link in New Window Paul writes that he ‘decided to know nothing among [them] except Jesus Christ and him crucified’. This was so that people were not persuaded by lofty words or ideas or indeed by ‘plausible words of wisdom’ but with ‘a demonstration of the Spirit and of power’, so that their faith ‘might not rest on human wisdom but on the power of God.’ He goes on from v6 to speak about how the Spirit of God, given as a gift, enables us to know God, the very depths of God and to speak about things that are of God. These may sound foolish but in reality is the wisdom of God.

This opens up a number of questions for me. Firstly, do I try to understand God by observation rather than engage with God in relationship? To engage in relationship means me being willing to be vulnerable to all that God has for me. Secondly, do I express my faith from my head only, or is faith something that is heart, mind, body and soul. Belief in Jesus cannot merely be an abstract concept; it has to inform our very existence and everything that we say and do. And thirdly, what role do I allow the Holy Spirit in my life? Do I expect to meet with God’s Holy Spirit and be transformed in that meeting? Do I expect and invite God’s Holy Spirit to work in me and through me when I speak, act and pray? Paul evidently does.

I pray that, as we have entered into the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection we will continue to live it out in our everyday lives, allowing the Holy Spirit to enter our stories and use us for the glory of God. May we each increasingly know Christ and him crucified.


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