On the Day

A selection of photographs taken by the audience. Click the pictures to enlarge.

1006 In the beginning

1007 Distracted from the game

1008 Noah and the animals

1010 The crowd watches in awe

1016 The pharisees

1017 Jesus heals the blind woman

1018 The blind woman is questioned by the pharisees

1045 Caiaphas seduces Judas

1046 Judas succumbs

1100 In the garden of Gethsemane

1114 Jesus is questioned by Pilate

1117 Herod asks for a miracle

1119 Herod sends him back

1116 Pilate appeals to the crowd

1130 The way of the Cross

1132 Jesus led by soldiers

1200 The crucifixion

1202 Jesus appeals to God

1205 It is finished

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