Provisional Cast List

MC: James Rimmer
Jesus: Caleb Rowe
Andrew (Disciple): Charlotte Gompertz
Judas (Disciple): Fran Key
Pharisees (Religious leaders): Rob Hook, Tracey Wheeler, Emma Ineson, Matthew Rutter, Jim Baillie, Phil May
Woman caught in adultery: Sarah Douglas
Paralysed Child: TBC
Friends of child: 4 TBC
Peter (Disciple): Adam Gompertz
Storyteller (Disciple): Jane Bartholomew
John (Disciple): Kevin Froud
Jane (a blind woman): Annie Venn
Child (assists Jane): Toby Ineson
Young Boy/Other child parts: Noah Gompertz, Molly Gompertz
Verger: Cordelia Mersi
Market Sellers: 4 TBC
Caiaphas (High Priest): David Alexander
Witness: Molly Ineson
Jane’s Parents: Kyle Douglas & TBC
Phillip (Disciple): Nate Kurz
Mary (Mother of Jesus): TBC
Angel: Billy Rowe
Soldiers: 6 TBC
Man at Fire: Gary Kennaugh
Women at Fire: Molly Ineson, Annie Wheeler
Pilate (State Governor): Mat Ineson
Herod (Ruler of Province): Ben Jones
Wailing Women: Charlotte Gompertz, Sarah Douglas, Jane Bartholomew, Billy Rowe, 2 TBC
Dancers: Annie Venn + 5 TBC

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