Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Monday, 22 April 2013 @ 7.30pm

St Matthew’s Annual Meeting will be held in the church. The meeting is open to all, but only those on the current electoral roll can speak or vote (see below for more on Electoral Roll). This important church meeting is a chance to look back at 2012 and look forward together to 2013 and beyond. It is also the place where we elect Churchwardens, PCC members and Deanery Synod members for the next 3 years (also see below).

Do pray about the meeting and put it in your diary.

Elections of Church wardens and PCC and Deanery Synod members

Churchwardens. Church wardens are the officers of the Bishop in the church. As such they are the lay leaders of the church community and work closely with the vicar. They have a number of statutory and leadership responsibilities including being part of the church leadership team. Some responsibilities are delegated to others (being on the door for each service for example). We elect two churchwardens every year and Polly Wingate-Saul would like to stand again but Phil May will be stepping down. Please do pray about and encourage people to stand for this vital leadership role. Candidates must be over 21 and on the electoral roll or resident in the parish.

PCC. the PCC works in partnership with the Vicar to oversee the mission and ministry of St Matthews. Our PCC operates as a ‘vision holding board’ and delegates much of the detail of church leadership to the Vision Delivery Teams and staff team. The PCC meets 6 times a year and each elected member is also expected to be a part of a vision delivery team which meet 4-6 times per year. Our expectation is that there will be 4 PCC places available for election. Those who stand must be over 16 and on the electoral roll of St Matthew’s.

Please pray about and encourage people to stand.

Deanery Synod. The Diocese of Bristol is divided into 7 Deaneries. Each Deanery has a ‘council’ called a Synod made up of all ordained clergy and elected lay representatives drawn from each church. We are part of City Deanery which has 27 different churches. The Synod is led by the Area Dean, Mat. The Deanery Synod is becoming increasingly influential. It considers issues of mission and ministry relevant to the Deanery and communicates these with the Diocese and the churches via the representatives. It also acts as a communication and discussion forum. It meets 4 times a year and Synod reps are ex-officio members of the PCC. The lay members of the Church of England General Synod (the house that voted women Bishops legislation down) are elected by the lay Deanery Synod reps. St Matthew’s can have up to three people elected to Deanery Synod and two are standing down this year.

Please pray about this and encourage people to stand.

Electoral Roll

This is the official list of names and addresses of all those who can vote at the Annual Meeting. It may also be regarded as the ‘membership list’ for a church. In order to be on the roll you must be over 16, a regular worshipper and/or parish resident and have applied.

The Electoral Roll will be completely refreshed during March 2013, therefore every name will be removed and anyone wishing to be included on the St Matthew’s Electoral roll will need to fill in an application form between 24th Feb and 24th March.

If you would consider yourself a member of St Matthew’s then you should be on the roll. Further information from Mat or Kate Pinfold, the Electoral Roll officer.

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