Vicky says…

I have been offered and accepted the post of Associate Minister in the parish of Bishopston and St Andrews. I’ll be working across the three churches but based at St Bart’s (on St Andrew’s Park) where the graft from Christchurch, Clifton is arriving on January 8th. Myself, Mat and James Stevenson will be working out a handover timetable in January and my last Sunday at St Matthew’s will be January 22nd.

I’m very excited about this new post and pleased that I’m not going too far but also deeply sad to be leaving St Matthew’s. I’ll postpone any proper goodbyes and thank-yous ’till the appropriate time in January but wanted to take this opportunity to let you know the news and to thank those of you who I know have been praying for me during this time.

God Bless,


Vicky has been at St Matthew’s since her appointment as part time Community Minister in 2007. This became a full time role in September 2008. She was employed to research our local community, identify what the needs are, make new connections and help us to develop a strategy for our mission and ministry in the parish. She has far exceeded expectations in this and done so much more.

Throughout her time Vicky has been a well loved and hugely influential member of the church, a respected leader on both leadership team, PCC and staff team. She has also become an integral member of the local community. She is a good pastor, gifted preacher, diligent and committed woman of prayer and a mature Christian who obviously loves the Lord. We will hugely miss her personally and professionally.

Vicky has completed the task that she came to do. Through her work we have much more information about the parish we serve, we are more involved in our parish especially Kingsdown Homegrown and Dove Street, through her amazing networking we are well known in the locality and involved in a number of partnerships, we have improved our communications and welcome and along with Cath Hubbuck we started Messy Church. In short through her work we are on the map in the locality and in a much better position to make strategic decisions about the future. I could go on but let’s save it for the goodbyes.

Vicky will be preaching her last sermon on Sunday morning 15th Jan. Her last Sunday with us will be the 22nd January. After the morning service on the 22nd there will be a ‘Bring and Share’ lunch to give our thanks and say goodbye. More details of this will follow.

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