Mat’s August Letter

I’ve decided that its time to admit to listening to Radio 2. I think I’m probably mature enough now. I really like the ‘pause for thought slot’ but often miss it as I’m working. However this morning I caught it—Steve Chalke was excellent. He opened with this, “If you can’t imagine it you can’t create it” which is apparently a quote from Einstein; although I can’t find it. I think it’s a mis-quote. Anyway, it is true. If JK Rowling hadn’t been able to imagine Harry Potter or Michelangelo hadn’t imagined the sculpture of David, or Christopher Wren hadn’t imagined St Paul’s Cathedral they wouldn’t exist.

So does this apply to God? Did God imagine creation? Did God imagine us? We are told in Genesis that in the beginning God created. He spoke the world into being; ‘Let there be’. I guess a question that we could ask is, did God speak every detail, painting stripes on bees, defining down to the last visible detail? Or did God create the conditions and boundaries for creation and for us to develop into?

I love physics (that’s two confessions in one short piece!) and the more I learn about the physical boundaries of the universe the more I wonder at God’s creativity. We live in an incredibly well balanced and thought out universe. Its design is awesome because there is also an inbuilt freedom that allows us, and nature to be creative. Why would God do that? Surely, it would have been less risky to create a totally controlled world. But then God is not about control. God is love. Love means freedom, and freedom is a risk. There is the risk that our freedom to make choices means that we don’t make the right choices. And there is plenty of evidence of that. And isn’t it amazing how God reacts to that—by sending Jesus to take us on a journey to new heaven and earth, a new creation to be fully with him. That is love.

During the summer many of us will spend more time in and around ‘creation’ than we do when at school, college, work and home. All creation speaks of God’s love, creativity and imagination. I pray that each of us may wonder at that and the love of God that it proclaims.


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