Lent 2011 – Week 3

21st–25th March

Bible Reading: Matthew 8-10Open Link in New Window
The Power of the Kingdom

Monday 21st March: Matthew 8Open Link in New Window

Tuesday 22nd March: Matthew 9:1-17Open Link in New Window

Wednesday 23rd March: Matthew 9:18-34Open Link in New Window

Thursday 24th March: Matthew 10:1-20Open Link in New Window

Friday 25th March: Matthew 10:21-42Open Link in New Window

Prayer Guide:
As we read of Jesus calling Matthew, we are reminded that St Matthew’s has a calling to demonstrate God’s love in its local community.

Please pray for:

  • The Monday afternoon drop-in in Fremantle House that friendships will deepen and we will continue to meet new residents.
  • Kingsdown Homegrown as the committee begins to meet to plan 2011’s festival.
  • The different churches, agencies and individuals that St Matthew’s partners with in or local community.
  • All those who give their time serving and loving our local community.

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